18 - 20 July 2017 | Pullman Sydney Airport, Sydney

Amanda Lewry

General Manager, Asset Management Group
Icon Water

14:00 Case Study: Driving Maturity in Asset Management at Icon Water Through Innovating Business Transformation Strategies

To ensure the maximum value from assets are delivered and extracted, organisations are encouraged to undergo transformational projects to drive maturity in their asset management strategies across the business. This session will dive into the innovative strategies being conducted at Icon Water and the best practises for driving and measuring your maturity in your organisation to better extend your assets’ life cycle.
  • Utilising other global asset management frameworks to deliver an in-house strategy that connects industry divisions to deliver true value to customers
  • Managing operational and strategic asset management – understanding your responsibilities in embedding appropriate systems, evolving of assets and best maintenance practises
  • Investing in reliability engineering and understanding big data for future smart networks, and the decision process for understanding the maturity of your organisation to invest in these networks

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Amanda.

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