18 - 20 July 2017 | Pullman Sydney Airport, Sydney

Anton Van Staden

Manager, Infrastructure Planning Services
Queensland Urban Utilities

08:30 Workshop A: Aligning to and Implementing ISO 55000 Series for Optimal Management of Physical Assets

Since the ratification of the ISO55000 series, many utility organisations have aspired to working towards being accredited and framing their asset management strategies against these standards. It is a work in progress for many, a journey of understanding how to effectively implement and comply with the standards, and what the accreditation will mean for future asset management systems and strategies within the organisation. This workshop will investigate the importance of utility services to become proactive and diligent in working towards aligning to and implementing the ISO series for enhanced management.

What will the workshop cover?
  • Initiating a checklist approach of the framework to analyse organisational capability and interfaces between teams to drive continual improvement
  • Understanding the content and requirements of the ISO 55000 and the advantages of early adoption to meet needs and improve circumstances
  • Investigating how conducting gap analysis can be a useful first step into accreditation for the future strategic management plan
  • Insights into governance processes required to manage program of work and the handling of expectations of stakeholders involved

13:20 Panel Discussion: Utilities 4.0 – What Does the Future of Asset Management Look Like?

A new era of asset management is emerging as a result of technological advancements and it’s encouraging to see many utility companies working to keep up with the changes. Automation, IoT and other aspects of the fourth industrial evolution are creating breakthroughs for energy, water and gas utilities. This panel discussion will explore what the future of asset management could potentially look like in the next few years as the industry begins to embrace the advanced technology trends.
  • How the industry 4.0 trend of automation and data exchange is affecting the processes and decisions towards asset management plans
  • Visualising the long-term outlook of assets and what technological investments can be made to ensure extended life-cycle of assets
  • A collaborative smart utility network: how can we exchange information and work together to manage technology and infrastructure to better prepare all services to manage assets in the future

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