18 - 20 July 2017 | Pullman Sydney Airport, Sydney

Greg Ryan

Manager, Utility Excellence
Water Services Association of Australia

11:30 Workshop B: Improving Asset Reliability and Data Management through Shifting to a Customer-Centric Focus

With restrictions on budget and pressure to ensure assets are constantly maintained and reliable, utilities are urged to look at better measures for interpreting data for operational decisions. Many utilities focus resources and time on the engineering gaps of asset management, which causes a larger gap in the main objectives of overall business operations: customer services and experience. As the utility landscape changes with demand for smarter networks, renewable energy and challenges to maintain asset resilience to meet customer service demands, this workshop will deliver solutions to shift organisational frameworks, data management and decision making to create a holistic customer focus in an area that was traditionally focused on operations.

What will the workshop cover?
  • Determining the gaps and opportunities to consider in frameworks to influence strategic decisions in operating according to customer needs
  • How to efficiently communicate information and data with board executives to depict current trends with asset reliability against customer demands to gain support for operations
  • Creating a capital prioritisation strategy to demonstrate careful data-driven decisions on resource allocation to align with organisational and customer service goals
  • Evaluating your key performance indicators on assets and people to ensure you meet service and reliability expectations

14:50 Linking the Pillars of Asset Management to Prepare for a Smart Utility Future

Whether your organisation is aligning to ISO55000 or not, conducting risk profiling or developing your own standards and criteria for meeting data requirements, the essential aim of your asset management strategy is to balance your performance, cost and risk. Achieving this balance and linking the pillars will ensure that you have the right multi-year plan in place to better prepare the strategic decisions your organisation will face in the future. This session will look at how to view your assets from a wider perspective, but ensure the goals and ambitions you set for your asset plans bring you business success for the future.
  • The outcomes and implications of asset benchmarking and ensuring you meet the right components for effective asset management
  • Avoiding isolation: how to articulate clear goals in terms of budget and resourcing, reliability and acceptable level of risk in asset management
  • Utilising the pillars to re-evaluate current aging infrastructure analysis and deliver a multi-year approach and focus for the future

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