18 - 20 July 2017 | Pullman Sydney Airport, Sydney

Peter Wong

Network Technology & Measurement Manager

15:00 Investigating Asset Intervention in a Smart Utility Network

A key focus for developing a solid asset management plan is to ultimately reduce costs. Assets are installed and expected to have a long life cycle, so finding the right time to intervene when assets are nearing end of life require critical data analysis to avoid potentially investing when not needed. This is can be a challenge when your network is moving towards a newer, smart network, and it’s important to develop intelligence and understanding when intervening with new assets. This session will look at system and techniques for asset intervention in an advanced network.
  • An overview of the rise in smart networks and how to balance the management of assets on current infrastructure network and new infrastructure network
  • Developing the best practises for pushing assets on intelligent and clean network assets to its designed life to avoid excess cost in early intervention
  • Managing customer and industry changes around perception and consumption of intelligent and clean networks to influence future asset management plans

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