18 - 20 July 2017 | Pullman Sydney Airport, Sydney

Vibhu Kaushik

Principal Manager, Asset Management & Generation Strategy
Southern California Edison (USA)

14:30 Workshop C: Successful Change Management and Organisation Transformation While Implementing Asset Management

Efforts to instigate change management tools and Lean practices pushes the organisation to have better initiatives for maintenance around asset performance, operational performance and improved capability with the ultimate goal of delivering a reliable service to their customers. While change management is an organisational must, it is becoming a new concept in asset management as organisations are now realising that the division is more than just engineering and maintenance. This workshop will explore how the incorporation of process improvement tools can have a positive affect on the management and reliability of your assets and services.
  • Developing process improvement programs such as Lean and Six Sigma to mitigate risks of failed functionality or performance of assets and meet maintenance budgets
  • Understanding data to bridge the gap between operations and maintenance for better communication and engagement throughout the entire organisation
  • Utilising the program and approach to support interconnectivity with other network organisations to establish shared goals and transparency with improving service delivery and reliability of assets
  • How to effectively utilise change management when moving towards smart technologies and automation, particularly when your organisation begins the transformation

09:10 International Keynote Presentation: Generation Asset Management Implementation at Southern California Edison

The electric utility industry is going through a transformation and utilities will need to calibrate their business models. There is growing evidence that shows many asset intensive organizations have benefitted from an asset management program. SCE has responded and embarked on its journey to implement an asset management program for its Generation fleet. It is not uncommon for an electric utility company to encounter challenges during such a demanding endeavor and SCE is no exception.

This presentation focuses on SCE’s share of challenges and its strategy to successfully overcome them via change management, organisational restructuring, and other tactics, to ensure not only a successful implementation of asset management program but one that is geared towards tangible near-term results.

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